Gezamenlijke verklaring van Denemarken en Nederland over donatie F16 aan Oekraïne

Engelstalige verklaring van Denemarken en Nederland ter gelegenheid van het bezoek aan Nederland van president Zelensky van Oekraïne op 20 augustus 2023.

In light of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked aggression, Denmark and the Netherlands, supported by the US, share the conviction that continued support to Ukraine is of utmost importance.

Taking note of the establishment of the joint coalition on F16-training, we agree that the natural next step will be the transfer of F-16 fighter aircrafts. Donation of aircrafts will be vital for efforts related to ensuring Ukraine a fully functional F-16 capability.

We agree to transfer F-16 aircrafts to Ukraine and the Ukrainian Air Force in close cooperation with the U.S. and other partners, when the conditions for such a transfer are met. Conditions include, but are not limited to, successfully selected, tested and trained Ukrainian F-16 personnel as well as necessary authorizations, infrastructure and logistics.

In parallel with these efforts, we aim to broaden our coalition and we invite other interested nations to participate.

We remain strongly committed to Ukraine’s fight for freedom and territorial integrity.